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So what have I been up to, well to help with my anxiety, organising myself and keep track of my life I have started using well originally a Filofax. It focusses my mind and helps me plan better thus keeping some of my worries at bay. I was lucky enough a while ago to order a Kikki K planner from Australia, and it is beautiful.


Ocean blue with gold dots in leather, I love this type of closure means you can fit more inside. Normally I am a purple girl but I fancied something different and it reminds me of the sea. I love being creative with my diary and it pleases me do something small towards being artistic.


As much as I like technology I miss writing, I don’t get the same thrill from adding an appointment to my phone and at the moment I have quite a lot of upheaval going on so to be able to order the mind no matter how small is just what is required.

I found out last week that our department is under review for redundancy so none of our jobs are safe and we won’t find anything out till 1st June. My year started out amazing with 2 wonderful holidays and since I have been back I have had challenge after challenge, I just hope I can get through this with my sanity intact.

Wishing you well this evening

Clairester x




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