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The end of the first week of January, I wonder how many people have already broken their New Year resolutions, i don’t set any for that very reason. Instead this year I have thought about changes I want to make and instead of leaping in, I will take small step towards making them happen.

My year is all about Harmony, so I want to be fitter, stronger physically and mentally, better work life balance and I want to focus much more on making art and being creative. This all takes effort in todays society that is all about stress, work and making money.

So my plan involves me starting gentle daily exercise, being consistent which is totally achievable. I will be working on the same schedule for 4 weeks then gradually increasing the exercise time along with this I will be eating healthier clean foods and cutting out processed foods, the idea being to create a habit of exercising and good eating. Obviously I will be allowing myself to have a little of what I like cake/ sweet but where possible homemade without additives.

The other part of having balance is making sure that I take time out to be creative, I have really missed the act of putting paint to paper and seeing what I can create. Below is what I am currently working on in my new handmade journal, and I am really liking how it is coming on.

Journal Page 1Journal Page 10 Jan

I will post pictures of the finished article later in the week, and I am just loving the feeling I get from playing around with paint.

Enjoy your Sunday evening

Much love

Clairester xx


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I am sorry to say this has been a slow week art wise, the weather has been very cold and since Friday we have had snow, coupled with my birthday on Saturday so I have only managed 1 journal page.  I am supposed to be going to my parents next week who live in Lincoln about 400 miles away, so weather and travel permitting I will be away for about a week.

For some reason I have struggled with this birthday, being 42, the time runs away so fast I feel like I am still in my 30’s. Partly I fell like this as I am still single, dating at 42 is a whole different game I just don’t like men my own age so seem to be stuck, plus I am not interested in commitment, a man’s dream you say but it doesn’t seem tp be that way. I am only looking for fun, dates and friendship, you would be surprised how hard that is to find, how do you meet men without internet dating? That itself is fraught with fake pictures, taglines and bios, I have the knack of attracting the slightly dangerous freaks which is not good for my self-esteem.

Plus I love my Dylusions stamps Around the Edge, such good quality!!

So I will be away for a week and will try to journal ready to post on my return.



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Sadly I only have one journal showing for today, I had a major mishap with a tube of modeling paste which ended up all over me, the floor and my face, there was alot of swearing and I was lucky as I was hit in the face in fact all over my glasses. So mass clean up, wash of clothes and shower

All the news and papers are raving over the fact that we will be having terrible snow storms, started as a sunny day and then moved into being grey and cloudy. In all this I look forward to the first sign of spring, the smell of blossom and the start of beautiful soft and bright colour.



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We HEART Stargazing

The image above courtesy of bbc.co.uk/stargazing, I am so fascinated by the science behind astronomy and this live programme is wonderful and there is so much to learn about the planets that surround us and the Mars Rover expedition. I love learning something new and this just ticks all the boxes, have a look if you get a chance.

So no art so far however there is much to be said for the inspiration of pictures of our universe some are pretty amazing. Plus I am back into excercise and walking home everyday which is 3 miles, my poor body is taking a while to acclimatize and I have suffered some muscular discomfort which has kept me awake at night, yes a real joy.

I enjoy the quiet time walking, I get in the zone and just think, something about life, art what I want to do, I daydream and it is great for centering my mind. In fact since walking I have suffered less anxiety and depression that I have had in years,  I am looking forward to spring when I can walk home in the lighter evenings with my camera lots of new colour, rebirth.

I am also looking forward to my new art purchases, some Dylusions stamps, ink pads, stencil, stickles oh creation heaven.





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This is my first week art journaling in 2013  and I wanted to make a commitment to post here weekly with pictures of my journaling. I have been guilty in the past of starting but not finishing, having all the good intentions and spending most of my time looking at what other people are doing and feeling inadequate si instead I am going to practice, practice, practice.

I will have 3 journals to work on each week, they will have different themes.

Journal 1

The stamping is a little hard to read and says “Live your own Fairytale”, with this journal, anything goes paint, stamping, papers, spray the sky’s the limit on this so should be fun.

Journal 2

I have gone back to my roots with this journal, I always loved pastels so I will be mixing other media with pastels, this was so much fun getting my hands all dirty and then enhancing what I had done with a little  paint work.

Journal 3

With the final journal I decided to really push myself so I have decided to use a weekly prompt and limit myself to the same 3 colours each week to see how I can use my imagination, learn new techniques and really push my own boundaries.

I decided on Turquoise, Dark Rose Pink and Wisteria Lilac.

So my prompt this week was Poetry, interesting for my first week so I chose a poem called Spells by Carol Ann Duffy just a short one on this occasion.

The picture hasn’t come out so well as the background is white, I think scanning in my art will work better but you can get the general gist of the picture. Mostly I used a swirl stamp, pastels, artbars and a little acrylic paint.

I think I will definitely scan the picture in as I think the colours and detail will show up better. I will also aim to share any new ideas or techniques I find, I am quite a novice in the doing part so it will be interesting to look back on this later in the year and see how much I have changed.






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I always enter a New Year with a sense of trepidation, the thought of a whole year ahead has always overwhelmed me. This year for the first time I completed my year planner and goals for 2013 courtesy of Goddess Leonie. It felt great to be able to look back on 2012 and list my achievements and say goodbye to the year welcoming on the New Year with my new goals and a journal to work towards realising them.

My word for 2013 is passion, whatever I do or believe in I feel very passionately about and sometimes I stifle it because others don’t feel the same way. This year I am going to leap with passion in my heart, grab adventure by the horns and give it a good shake.


So I made my goals, I made my journal bright and colourful and enjoyed every minute of working towards my best year.  And to start the year off, I have walked 9 miles over 3 days and whilst my body is complaining a little I know it can only do me good and it is another item to add against my goal list.

If you are interested in writing your own goals visit Leonie Dawson here, it is never too late and has given me a real sense of peace and comfort moving into 2013.



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Sometimes I think the world has gone mad, we hype ourselves up for about 2 months buying presents, spending far too much money on ridiculous food for essentially one day. It seems we are all looking for that perfect Christmas and each year it falls short because we have lost the meaning. It is not about the presents or food, it is about spending time away from your life for one day and it should be about sharing, putting aside petty squabbles and for this one day giving of yourself, giving love.

Due to work stuff I didn’t get home for Christmas which is about 400 miles away so I had Christmas alone. I have done this twice before but this time it was planned I had Christmas dinner planned, I didn’t buy loads of food as there is only me plus I am on a diet. My parents sent me some small gifts in the post as I did for them ( I am seeing them in 3 weeks for a belated Christmas) and the day was actually quite lovely. I had a lazy breakfast, and through the morning leisurely opened my presents, I had wrapped a few gifts to myself that I had bought over that last 4 months as well. I watched what I wanted, ate when I wanted and it was glorious, there was no pressure to perform.

For so many years I have been looking for the perfect Christmas, I am an only child and as we lived away from family our Christmas was quite boring. I have always longed for a big family do big turkey, presents as far as the eye could see, lots of children squealing with delight, an open fire, lots of handmade gifts and waking up to a very handsome man which isn’t really any kind of reality, well not for me anyway.In order to enjoy this Christmas I had to suspend my expectations and just take the day as it came, the only sad part was that it was over too quickly.

Life is a struggle, many would say an adventure which it is in some parts but often it just feels sad, so for one day we should get to have our perfect day with much less emphasis on the material side and more about fun, laughter and sharing.







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