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What does sugar mean to you? Personally I have a very sweet tooth and love cakes, biscuits and the like, I have found a direct correlation between my anxiety symptoms and eating sugary treats.

So this weekend I started to do some research on how to cut sugar out of my diet, believe me I know it is going to be hard however there are so many health benefits to not eating sugar and along with that processed foods. It means eating healthy natural foods, so lots of organisation required so it doesn’t take an age to make food every day.

I read 2 books Davina’s 5 Weeks to Sugar-free by Davina McCall and Eat. Nourish. Glow  by Amelia Freer both have given me a huge amount of information about what eating sugar does to the body along with excellent recipes and meal plans to get started.

To start it is easier for me to follow Davina’s 5 Weeks to Sugar-free as the recipes are easy to make and not hugely expensive, I found Amanda’s book very helpful but a little austere and not really suitable for my life at the moment. I will definitely use some of the recipes as they sound delicious.

I am really looking forward to starting this, I have to get rid of a lot of food so most of it will be going to one of my friends then this weekend big spring clean of the kitchen, reorganisation and preparation of foods for the week. I will post updates over the weekend, I do have a journal page in progress which I will post once I have finished it. Unfortunately, I have a lot going on in my personal life and with work that is quite stressful so I am glad to have something to occupy my mind and so that I feel like I am more in control of my life. My anxiety of late has caused some problems so I want to try and lessen the symptoms so going forward I won’t feel so emotionally out of control.

Watch this space….

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