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Good Morning World

It has been just over a month since my last post, as you can imagine I needed some time to process what had happened. I would not say I am out the other side but I have moved past the anger into acceptance and understanding that if he was ‘the one’ we would still be together and he wouldn’t have walked away. I will always believe it is his loss that he didn’t try to talk to me but accept it was his decision and he will have to live with that.

I am reading a heartbreak self help book just to keep me moving and not dwelling on what can never be and also to keep from over blaming myself for what happened. I will post some more on this later.

Now I get to look forward to the rest of the year as a blank slate and decide what I want to do, where I want to go and how I want to live my life.

Best Foot Forward

As I had posed earlier I was cutting sugar out, I eased up a little during the break up but didn’t go mad and I am now back on track for the last 7 days and I do feel good. My moods don’t swing so wildly, and I am going for a walk in the evening to start getting fit and rebuild my confidence.

So my first project has been to sort clutter from my flat, move things around, make it look different so it lessens any memories from “before”. Boy it felt good and extremely cathartic throwing stuff away and I totally believe it has helped me with moving on and coming to terms with being single again.

Art table has been cleared ready to start art journaling, painting and crafting again, I seemed to lose myself a little in this relationship now I am getting back to being me. So I plan to be very busy over the coming months sharing new projects and living a little more adventurously.

See you soon

Clairester x


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Another beautiful day, and more journaling for me.

Both the Words of Me Project and the life coaching book I am reading talk about dispelling negative self talk, this is probably the area that affects me the most. I am incredibly hard on myself and use negative self talk to keep myself in line and under control. So I wrote all the things I say to myself and then wrote the corresponding positive words so I can use these as affirmations to myself.

Today has been strange, no anxiety as such but I get so antsy where I just can’t settle and I start lots of different things but don’t really focus on one thing. So my main goal was to get this journal page finished and I am happy that I managed that.

So another week starts and we are trucking towards August, I am enjoying this summer because it really is a journey of discovery and I am happy that I am making all sorts of new connections in the art/ journaling world.

I am grateful for acceptance, for support from all corners of the globe.

So here is to learning something new this week, have fun.


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